Welcome To The Creative Cloud

A heartfelt, inspirational number meant to enlighten, excite and maybe have a laugh as well. I take the 70s very seriously. Welcome To The Adobe Creative Cloud. Chest hair not included.

You have longed for this dream, since way back in CS2...
So go the lyrics of my 70s tribute number, and the closing showcase for every show I do for Adobe. It's all about the Adobe Creative Cloud, bringing apps, sync, community, collaboration and publishing all together. Dig.
(note: there are still some tracking markers present here; view on Vimeo for more details)

Music Recorded, Engineered and Performed by: Jason Levine
Directed, Photographed and Composited by: Vashi Nedomansky
Additional Compositing/Editing: Jason Levine
Additional Photography: Erik Espera
Executive Producer: Mike Kanfer
Original 'Love Boat Theme' music written by Charles Fox ©1977; new lyrics by Jason Levine
I don't joke about my love for preserving classic 70s disco theme music, paying tribute by playing every note with groovy subtlety and patience...
...and I also don't joke about my love for Creative Cloud. It's awesome. It makes me want to sing about it. 
Here's a few of session green screen stills. This performance was sourced from one live take. A second one was done for safety, but it was the original that made the final edit. I sincerely had *the best time* doing this.
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