Vader Meets The Bounty Hunters: Star Wars Originals

Imagining Darth Vader's first meeting with the bounty hunters...a job interview of sorts.

Continuing my Star Wars™ Action Figure series, this time I've taken a few liberties in re-creating a scene which may have least, at some point in the Star Wars saga. 
The first round including Greedo, IG-88b & Hammerhead are brought in to meet Darth Vader...
Ultimately unimpressed, Darth Vader calls in the others, including Boba Fett.
Almost immediately, weapons are drawn. While the others raise their hands in fear, Boba and Vader go head to head, without pause. Lord Vader finds this behaviour...intriguing.
Back in temporary holding, the bounty hunters await orders...and their individual fates.
A deal is struck, and Vader gives one last bit of advice to his new associate, "Do not disappoint me."
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