Theme Evolution | Cool Edit Pro & Adobe Audition

Here's a compilation of all the various themes I composed for the original Cool Edit Pro (2.0/2.1) and Adobe Audition (1.0/1.5) software releases. I've also included a couple of hidden gems, including a live 'extended' version of the original CEP theme (which I used live on stage) and my original pitch concept for Adobe Audition 1.0's theme (with some inspiration from the Fab 4) Hard to believe this stuff was from more than a decade ago...

Here is my original Cool Edit Pro 2.0 theme song.  This is actually slightly different from the 'shipping' original, in that it's missing a wah-wah guitar part that I added *just* before we finished the product. Consider this a 'lost mix'...but this is what users were greeted with (in full multitrack view) when they launched the application for the first time, circa early 2001. 
This is an extended version of the theme song that I used to open every tradeshow/performance with (while sitting live at a Kurzweil and AT4050 Microphone; typically my friend Steve Fazio was also playing/tracking live guitar). I would 'sing' the theme live and then 'vocode it'  live (with our then-built-in Vocoder, which was awesome) and people really dug it. This hasn't been played in over 12 years! A lost classic (for those that remember) Here are the lyrics: 
Welcome everyone to Syntrillium
We've got something new, something for all of you to listen to
Software: Cool Edit Pro; Loop Library don't you know, and still there's mo'...
Hardware: Remote Control
1...2...ready, steady here we go onto The Show!
Cool Edit Pro 2.0 - Sounds Beyond Cool
By request, here is my original theme song for the last version of Cool Edit Pro (v.2.1) before it became Adobe Audition. The app really had a lot of momentum at this period (around late 2002/early 2003) and you can hear that in the theme! This theme would open upon first launch of the app, giving the user the ability to see&hear a full multitrack session, and understand how to construct and build their own various audio files, loops, and using the real-time mix engine. 
Here's a look at the CEP2.1 theme session, colorized and prepped for users to view/learn as they listened...
Here was my original concept for the Adobe Audition theme. Naturally, I never actually thought we'd be able to license John Lennon/The Beatles...but I submitted this as a 'proof of concept' and, well, you can hear what it ultimately became. NO ONE has ever heard this, save for a few executives during the acquisition of Syntrillium/Cool Edit to Adobe. Enjoy! 
Here is the final shipping version of the Adobe Audition 1.0 theme song. As with the Cool Edit Pro release, this theme would open upon first launch. Such exciting times they were...being a part of something (a company) so big. The anticipation and excitement was...unforgettable.  
I had previously posted this tune separately, but here you can experience it in the context of ALL the various Cool Edit/Audition theme songs.  Sadly after 1.5, I no longer composed the theme...and by the time we hit Audition 3, we weren't doing themes anymore.  1.5's theme continues to bemy favorite, and a great reminder of a fab time and a great application.
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