The Sounds Of BoodahJooMusic | Pt1

A look at some of the instruments used on my many collaborations with Fred (Fett) Fung. These photos were from a recording session back in February, with the exception of the last one taken in Dec 2011.

Traditional Chinese pan flute. Truly one of the most difficult instruments to play.
The headstock of a custom Chinese bass lute. This beast takes some finessing to wield a good sound.
Fett (as I call him) rehearsing a piece on the bass lute. Note it's only strung with two flat-wound strings.
Bamboo flute collection: bawu, dong-xiao and several other varieties.
A variety of Indian hand drums
As a Yangqin (chinese hammered dulcimer) master, it requires an enormous amount of maintenence...and tuning.
Snakeskin resonator. Never seen one like this before, but the sound is unearthly. Super cool for ethereal scores.
The soul of BoodahJooMusic Publishing, me and Fett, late 2011.
Here's a little sample of one of our many collaborations featuring the Yangqin, Dumbek & Darbuka (played by yours truly), western glock & drumset, along with a dozen other instruments (I scored and played the strings as well).
Another sample, this one features some of the Chinese flutes you see above, along with a whole series of hand percussion, phat drums (all played, and looped in Audition) Rickenbacker bass, and vocals. 
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