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a song can change you, change who you’ll be 
enlightened guidance when seeking help 'to see' 
it can soothe, it can heal, become its own mantra
shake you, rock you and lead you to tantra
but of all the things a song can do
it is best when sung, from me to you.
(music played live, pics best full-size)
Filmed live with Nikon D800 (24-70mm, f/2.8), Canon 7D (50mm, f/1.2), iPhone 5s. iPhone 4s
Audio multitracked live into Adobe Audition CC via MOTU Traveler
Microphones: AT4050 (vocal), AT4041 (stereo matched pair, piano), Crown PZM (room)
Here are some stills from the session and the edit, in various stages of editing/grading.
"Straight On" - Written by Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson & Sue Ennis
©1978 Strange Euphoria Music/Know Music (ASCAP)
"Just Play Music" is a registered trademark. Stay tuned for more.
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cover art by Wink
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