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An imagined Star Wars Broadway production, and the accompanying images from the Playbill...

Perhaps it's the coming of a new film that has me feeling nostalgic again...
Perhaps it's because sometimes, in the right moment, I'm a kid again: imagination running wild, on hyperdrive. 
It was in one of these moments that I envisioned what it might be like to have the Broadway version of Star Wars, performed on stage during the very time period the film depicts, in a galaxy far, far away...
The 'actors' in this Broadway production weren't all in costume (speaking more of the creatures/Alien beings than anything else) as the very beings we've come to know and love (Greedo & Hammerhead for me) inhabited the galaxy at this time, and therefore, a fellow member of their respective species would naturally be an employed actor and would therefore seek to play their respective character's film role. Sounds civilized doesn't it? :)
These images represent some of the highlights from the Playbill that accompanied the performance...
What did I tell you? Imagination Hyperdrive. 
Inside-front cover shot from the Playbill. Welcome to Star Wars On Stage, and our amazing cast.
From the Playbill: a shot of our actor portraying the role of Han Solo. He's the spitting image of Han, isn't he? 
From the Playbill: "What makes this cast so special is they way they've really gelled together. They trust one another, and this allows them to really 'become' the characters in the story, assuming their identities, personalities, insecurities..."
From the Playbill: "Our Droid actors really steal the show, in virtually every scene they appear. The crowds love them; it's practically 'Droidmania' on Tatooine!" (these two photos were submitted by fan on opening night in NYC)
From the Director of the show: "We were so fortunate...everyone wanted these roles, but this made early casting a painful process. We had a surprising number of Luke applicants...but Jake (pictured above) was born to be a Skywalker."
Inside-back cover shot form the Playbill: Two times a day, seven nights a week, the cast and crew of 'Star Wars On Stage' are ON. With the final bow, as the curtain begins to fall, you'll cry tears of joy, you'll feel the exasperation in the room... you'll want to experience it...again and again, and again. 
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