Long before a boy 'saw dead people', there was Danny...and his Big Wheel, and the creepy twin sisters who wanted him to 'come play with them'. This, an inspired tribute to that very hallway, is Shining.

every now and again during my travels, I'll come across a hotel, generally one that's been updated-renovated but still posesses a good deal of its original, old-school, somewhat creepy charm, and it reminds me of something from my childhood...
in this case, in this particular hotel, there was only one image. instantly. The Shining. 
whlle the exterior would never be confused with the Overlook Hotel referenced in the film, the interior corridors reaked of 'RedRum' (figuratively speaking, of course...and another allusion to Stephen King's genius writing).
wendy carlos' dramatic score, juxtaposed against Kubrick's visuals (and the filming techniques...oh, the technique...) It's all so vivid...and red...and creepy.
Would you believe me if I told you I had room 247?
while the interior was uncannily reminiscent in feeling of the aforementioned, creep-tastic hotel, the exterior bore little resemblance to the expansive, isolated vastness from the Overlook's window panes. 
however, the building under construction across the street, truly 'Shining' in my eyes and thru the gloom, seemed like a fitting end to this piece. The fantasy, for a moment...but a shining anchor of reality.
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