Raw Inspiration

Feeling down, I happened upon a missed link sent by a friend. Moments later, spirits were lifted and I was completely re-invigorated. You're seeing and hearing it happen here.

Every now and again you have those days where you simply *don't* feel inspired at all...
Today was one of those days; but as inexplicable as it is to really define the things that cause divine inspiration, a friend sent me a link to a song, re-done in a different style (a tune that many of you will likely know), and suddenly...there it was. 
I was out of town, so I listened on Tuesday, flew home on Wednesday evening, and on Thursday morning sat down and recorded this, as-is, one-off. 
This was done VERY raw. iPhone5S sitting atop my piano (on something shaky, no less). Bad lighting, and sound directly from the iPhone mic. A little restoration in Adobe Audition and some intentionally-heavy effects on the video (to account for some of the inherent 'shakiness' from sitting directly on my baby grand) and you have this. 
It's rough, it's raw, I botch a few of the words...but you can see it in my face and hear it in my voice. The sound...of inspiration.
many thanks to Tarja Petrell for the sonic inspiration,
to Bettina Güber for the visual inspiration,
to Miche Braden for the vocal inspiration,
and to Vicky Ryder for the spiritual inspiration.
"Sweet Child Of Mine" written by Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan & Steven Adler
©1987 The David Geffen Company
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