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Here's another live performance with Fuzzy Island. We were talking earlier in the day about playing some of *his* favorite songs...and this one is a classic (which we've played together over the years). One quick intro and one take. Just Play Music™.

Here's another clip from the Blues Episode with acoustic blues guitar picker, Fuzzy Island. 
As is the nature of the show, we had just finished one performance, and you can see me making a quick mic adjustment (and audio slate) and just going right into the next thing. No rehearsal, nothing scripted (and no one else there to make sure camera angles/audio was ok!); just start talking and commence music making... 
Just. Play. Music. 
The song featured here is a classic Mississippi John Hurt tune from the late 20s/early 30s. It's been covered hundreds of times, and in this example, Fuzzy and I are playing it very close to the original style. While we've played this song together before in the past, you can see that I'm visually hanging on to his every move/phrase. 

Fuzzy Island: Martin Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Jason Levine: Martin B-1 Acoustic Bass Guitar, Background Vocals
Original song composed by John S. Hurt
Trad. arrangement ©℗2014 Fuzzy Island, boodahjoomusic (bmi)

Just Play Music™ is a show about showcasing the sheer joy of playing live music in a very natural, impromptu kind of way. Each episode focuses on a topic (like 'The Blues' or 'Dynamics') and I'll play several songs that illustrate the topic/theme. Passion, personal interaction and playing music. 

Filmed, photographed, recorded, rough-cut/graded & mixed by yours truly.
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