It's THEIR Train, Isn't It?

A fascinating look at attitudes among the mile-high club...or just anyone in airports with a ticket and need to remove their shoes and stink up the furniture. These images were all captured with my iPhone, somewhat stealthily...

"I travel on this train regularly twice a week, so I suppose I've some rights..."
"Knock it off, Paul, you can't win with his sort. After all, it's his train isn't it, Mister?"
If you're familiar with this famous exchange from Richard Lester's "A Hard Day's Night", where the young (1964) Beatles and the stereotypical, elder business traveler have a 'difference of opinion'...well, you'll probably identify with the images below. 
I'm on the road over 200 days a year; and despite the fact that I often get upgraded to Business or First Class, the 'attitudes' of many of the frequent travelers in these circles seem to reflect the above ... almost verbatim, at least in spirit. 
So...thus began the inspiration for this project. A few things learned:
--The 'wall or bulkhead' is an appropriate place for shoes and socks; 
--The  'lounge couch' is an approrpiate place to sprawl out, barefoot, and host your temporary room and/or sleeping space;
--Any surface, anywhere, is ripe for feet (and often smells like them, after the fact, if you've wondered why).
This isn't pointing at any specific person...just the fascinating nature of *some* people. 
The notion: that if someone has paid for something, a form of transportation, they have rights to it (and everything associated with it)'s theirs, to do with, however they please...
Because after all, IT'S THEIR TRAIN, ISN'T IT?
Headphones anyone? (look closely, the 'left' set of feet) These were two separate passengers, traveling alone.
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