Gotta Get Up! | Just Play Music™

Here's another rough cut of one of the song selections from my pilot episode of Just Play Music™. The song was recorded live (vocal & piano) with multiple cameras; each subsequent part was overdubbed (live), filmed simultaneously, and stitched back together. Words and Music by Harry Nilsson ©1971 Golden Syrup Music (bmi) Production, Engineering, Editing and Live Performance by: Jason Levine Music Clearance: Tracy Lynch-Sanchez Original Logo Design (MkI): Rufus Deuchler

This rough cut is from the pilot episode of my still-in-the-works music show, Just Play Music™.
The message and mantra of the show are very simple: showcase to kids, tweens and adults alike the sheer joy, exhilaration and pleasure of playing music live, getting in the groove, and experiencing the magic of keeping time. Good notes, bad doesn't really matter. It's all about 'the feeling'.
And, in the process, explore some simple, fundamental musical techniques that make playing (and tapping along) even more fun. Each performance in the show is a unique, single live take.
The pilot episode focuses mainly on using 'dynamics' in music (ie, forte, piano, crescendo, etc).
The song presented here is an old fave of mine, originally written & recorded by the late Harry Nilsson.
Here's a couple of stills from the setup day, before cameras began rolling. 
An entire season (14 episodes) was shot over two days. Each episode was captured on 4 or 6 cameras (a mixture of DSLR @ 1080p and consumer cameras @ 720p) and the audio was multitracked live in Adobe Audition.  
Each episode was a live take; several times a second take was performed, but these were typically slated as 'safeties'. 
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