Cross-Continental Clouds

Shot on a few older 35mm cameras, mixed with some DSLR (both stills and video frames)

A mixture of film & digital, shot at different times of the year.
In going back through these images, I loved the similarities found in the colors of the sky and clouds, not to mention the variety of dramatic presence the cloud formations showcase, even when minimal.
Soft, lilting, pillowy, forceful, rageful, languid, ephemeral...
best if viewed full-size
Two shots of the Arizona desert:  same time of year, different times of day.
Just outside of Öregrund, Sweden. I called the image above, 'Swedish Simpsons Clouds'  (TV show reference)
Back to my beloved desert. Take note of the prismatic formations happening on the left. *Not* a lens effect!
Dramatic sunrise in Copenhagen, Denmark. Sadly, a walking bridge has since been installed in this very location...artsy and convenient for pedestrians, but it has defintely lost some of the calm, open beauty depicted above.
A beautiful late autmn night in Helsinki.
A duo of dramatic Arizona desert skies.
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